No software patents via an EU central patent court

Considering that:

  • A central European Patent Court will create caselaw in favour of software patents, as it has been recognised by several experts [1];
  • Software patents, despite their exclusion in the law, has been validated in countries like Germany (Siemens case) or the UK (Halliburton case);
  • Large companies has been calling for rejection of the previous failed software patent directive, pushing for the creation of the such Central European Patent Court instead;
  • Software Patents make software development risky and impossible, depriving their authors of their commercial rights;
  • The fundamental right of programmers to give instructions to programmable machines should not be limited by patent law;

We ask lawmakers of the European Union (the National Parliaments, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers) to reject the creation of such a court unless the law is modified to make software patents impossible to get.