Name: Henrion Benjamin
Nick: ZooBaB (ex-Designer of Sunn Bicycles)
Email: zoobab AT
Skype: zoobab2000
GPG Public Key: GnuPG Public Key here
Date of birth: 11 september 1979 (no, I'm not a terrorist, but Ben Laden is still alive :)
Nationality: Belgian
Langs: French (mother tongue), English (very well), Dutch, Spanish (beginner), Hungarian (some words)
Programming: HTML, Javacript, PHP, SQL, SGML, DocBook, Python, XML
Sports: Mountain Bike, Badminton, Tennis (C15/4), Table Tennis (D0), Squash
Music: Garbage, Weezer, Muse, JJ72, Placebo, etc…
Studies: Degree in Geography - UCL
Pic: Top model again for