Boycott the hotel Ibis in Brussels (Sainte Catherine)

Last week-end, I organised a Babel workshop at Hacker Space Brussels (HSB), and the main author of Babel and friend Juliusz Chroboczek came to the event. We had a lot of fun to test the latest version of Babel 1.2.0, with the -z parameter to see if the routing protocol was taking the best route over multiple radio channels.

When they asked me where to sleep, I recommended them the hotel Ibis next to my place, where I knew several other people slept well during last FOSDEM. So Juliusz booked a room well in advance, but it seems that this brand of Hotel Ibis Sainte Catherine does not really offer professional services, here is his story:

J'ai d'abord été informé que je n'avais pas de réservation. Lorsque j'ai proposé de montrer ma confirmation, j'ai été informé que certes, il y avait eu une réservation, mais qu'elle avait été annulée. Lorsque je me suis énervé, on m'a informé que les réservations ne sont pas garanties, et que « d'habitude, les clients savent lire les conditions ».

If Ibis hotels cannot guarantee reservations, what are reservations for? They should simply not allow reservations if reservations are cancellable at any time by them.

Really this is inacceptable, and I will make sure none of my friends will never go to this hotel again.