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Benjamin Henrion is the President of the FFII.org, a pan-european association that has been fighting against software patents since 1999. He has launched several popular campaigns on the internet, such as the Eurolinux petition against software patents (400.000 signatures), the August 2003 and June 2005 webdemonstrations against software patents, the PublicGeoData campaign for public maps, or the campaign against Microsoft's Office standardisation at ISO (OOXML) (NoOOXML.org, 100.000 signatures). His interests lies in computers, politics, and mountain biking.


"Cycling is trapped in consumerism. […] I’ve seen how people (myself included) have been trapped in the crescendo of consumption, competition, and exposition. […] In the quest to reclaim the core sense of cycling, cyclists ought to disobey"

Disobey cycling - Bike resistance in the age of consumerism and self-exposure

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